August 1st - August 2nd, 2017 |
California, US

Paul Cavillo

Founder/ Cultivator/ Mentor
Cannabis Coach 4 U
Founder of 4:19 Gotta Minute! A cannabis CoOp, out of Southern California, and CannabisCoach4U, a start up in New Mexico. I am a passionate grower with 10 years experience, as Director of Operations for a Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation operation. 20+ years involved in various aspects dealing with Cannabis. Since moving from SoCal to New Mexico I have done much research. Since The New Mexico Cannabis Production Program is not accepting applications at this time. I am forming, a Nonprofit Cannabis Caregiving Organization called CannabisCoach4U. We will be mentoring patients that have a current NM Cannabis Personal Production License, & spreading medicinal cannabis knowledge to all New Mexico residents with the hopes of recruiting more patients into the program. Our focus is to assist patients on Cultivation designs, nutrient schedules, grow techniques, harvest techniques, extraction techniques for the own desired intake, and teaching them about strains that our beneficial for their illness. Basically coaching patients on all realms of Medicinal Cannabis. With that said, I am very determined to succeed in this industry, mainly for the ability to provide medicinal marijuana, for all who are in need of this beautiful god given plant, & secondly , Do what I Love to Do & Be able to call it my Job. I'm a Dedicated, Responsible, Individual, & a well-rounded team player. Which I Believe is key to having much success, in any industry, but much more in this industry! No one man can do it all. I have great ideas for outdoor greenhouse organically grown operations and some innovative techniques to solar-filtered water and solar powered, cost efficient lighting systems that can still produce grade A medicinal cannabis products. Lastly I have a few ideas for untapped company's that would benefit our cannabis industry & nation.

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