August 1st - August 2nd, 2017 |
California, US

Curtis Wallace

Cannabis Solutions Canada
Curtis Wallace, founder of Cannabis Solutions Canada Inc, has been studying and growing Cannabis for nearly a decade. Licensed under the MMAR since 2010 and working under the ACMPR since 2014 he has used this opportunity to learn, develop and improve growing and extracting processes pertaining to Canada’s world-class system of standards and regulations in the medical Cannabis field. From growing 77 licensed plants in his basement to managing a 4-tier, 15,000 plant glass-greenhouse operation, he is one of few growers in Canada who can confidently cycle crops year-round in a controlled commercial greenhouse environment. While his expertise lies in glass greenhouse, organic, amended soil (no pots, just straight in the ground) he has experience with an array of other growing practices: outdoor, aeroponics, hydroponics, deep water culture, soilless mix. From 2014-2016 Curtis held positions of Deputy Chief Grower and Chief Grower under the ACMPR system while acquiring an extended background security clearance via Health Canada and the RCMP. He has the knowledge and experience to help maximize yields and quality while applying systematic growing and extracting techniques that will ensure your operation will have the best quality product while using cost-efficient practices.

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