CultX: Cannabis Cultivation Excellence

Perfection. That is what every grower strives to accomplish when growing cannabis. The cannabis plant is a fickle friend. One minute she is has too much water, the next not enough. Too much light vs not enough light. Too much humidify vs not enough humidity. It never ends. Cultivators across the country are experiencing similar if not exactly the same challenges with growing.

At the CultX Cannabis Cultivation Excellence Conference, growers will come together to discuss those challenges focusing on four imperative verticals within the cultivation process:




Cultivation Environment


Quality Assurance



With the regulatory scope changing drastically within the last couple of years and expected to change in the future, take this opportunity to connect with peers and converse on how to overcome not only the agricultural challenges but the regulatory as well.

Join experienced growers within the industry at the CultX: Cannabis Cultivation Excellence conference taking place July 31-August 2 in California!

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